Monday, October 15, 2012

With friends like this....

I hardly need enemies.

"Let me see that UCI license. I thought you said you were a cat 2 in CX."

"I am. I was a couple of points short and then didn't race. The points expire, I think."

"Looks like USAC upgraded you."

"What? Are you kidding me?"

"HAHAHAHA, those elite girls at Jingle CX are going to hand your ass to you. I can't wait! HAHAHAHAHA"

Sometimes I seriously question the value of men as friends, let alone training and racing buddies.

My sheclismas and I had it all planned. We'd all race the 2/3s and if any of us were fast enough to get any of the payout, we'd buy beer with it and then watch the elite women. It would be blast and seriously social. Now, I'll be training with the mindset of cracking the top 20 in the elite field. Sigh. I suppose I could ask for a downgrade or race with the masters women, but probably I should just HTFU and keep my TFA rating intact.

Who wants to do some intervals?


jendeep519 said...

I can't ride right now, but I can yell like a Russian gymnastics coach and splash you with vodka in the Rave Cave...? xox

Sydney Brown said...

That sounds awesomely inspiring.