Monday, July 30, 2012

Issues of gender & sex

Check out the second part of this post. Apparently, in 2011, women who set world marathon or half marathon records while running in a race where men ran as well were stripped of the their achievements, but men who set a record in a mixed field were not. Can you believe that? Apparently, having men to pace you or something is considered an unfair advantage. Now, as someone who has witnessed just how far men will go to not get "girled", how is it that men get to retain their records? I suppose the argument is that record setting men are so far ahead that it doesn't matter, but I don't know, smells a bit like BS to me. I guess the most surprising thing is that this was last year and I didn't hear about it. Was I oblivious to running magazine covers? Or, did it just not matter that much to female runners and fans?

Give this a read:


Josh said...

As you mentioned, both sides get a benefit so it shouldn't matter.

It's not like female only races are the norm for women, and the few lucky who do run a mixed-sex race get some sort of speed benefit then. It's complete bullshit.

Josh said...

Sarah just mentioned that men WR holders have regularly used rabbits/pacers in achieving their records - some pacers have actually gone ahead and won them themselves beating the runners they were supposed to be helping. (I'm sure women have them too)

So how the fuck can they strip these wins if men are doing EXACTLY the same, if not worse, than what women are supposedly taking advantage of.