Monday, February 13, 2012

Open water swimming tips from John Walker and Dave Scott

Image lifted from Dashalife
This is a wonderfully detailed article on open water swimming. As I make progress in the pool, I continue to wonder what the open water swim will be like. Walker has some great tips for practicing and until the snow melts and the water warms a bit, I'll have to make do with visualization. "In my many years in this sport, I have never seen any reasonably complete article in the magazines dealing with open water swimming (they seem to rehash the same basic stuff every few years). A lot of them talk about how to draft, or tell you to look up every few strokes to stay on course, but very few seem to deal with the subject in much detail.

So last summer, I started to gather my thoughts and experiences on the subject. I finally got back to it just now. Rather than deal just with racing in open water, I have tried to deal with both swimming for fun and racing."

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A few more tips from Dave Scott:


Coach said...

He fails to mention 2 of the most important things. Go swim in the open water before lining up for your first race. It's a whole lot different then swimming in a clear pool. Mostly because it is so dark and nasty in our area lakes. And two, get used to swiming next to people and getting splashed and bumped. Oh wait...and one more thing I learned the hard way like I learn everything. If you do a early season or cold water swim...I know it's counter intuitive...get in the water before the start and swim some to get used to the cold. It can be a shock.

Sydney Brown said...

I am definitely going to practice the open water swimming as much as possible before go-time. Perused a water-temperature/swim gear (suit to wetsuits) chart on my morning break. The whole pack swimming thing...well, not sure how much practice I'll be able to arrange in that area. Might have to yield some positioning and draft benefits till I get the hang of it. At least there won't be road rash involved.

Coach said...

We've talked about having an open water swim night at the lake. maybe this year.

Sydney Brown said...

That would be a great idea.