Wednesday, December 14, 2011

1000 words/day off to a slowish start

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I was only able to get a little over 500 words into my outline tonight. I expect as soon as I have a green light on this proposal, however, I can rol forward with much greater productivity. Right now, every idea has to be thought through. It takes a great deal of focus to try and anticipate all the implications of decisions made at this stage: Is it doable? What could undermine it? Can I really measure that? How many people will it take? etc.  I'm doubly cautious because in the first study I undertook, I missed some of those questions and that lead to enormous challenges in the study's execution.

In other news, son Erik launched a 30-day challenge for himself as well. He's drawing a picture each day. I will try and get a pic of each one.


E.O'B. said...

1,000 words a day is a nice, tidy sum, BUT--maybe you could alleviate some of the pressure by averaging 1,000 words? I've written 6,000 in the last three days, but I wasn't able to do a thing the week before. That doesn't mean that the previous days were fruitless, just that writing is not just the actually composition. Thinking, debating, researching, panicking, revising--these are all parts of it, too. Sometimes the moments of blockage are just as crucial as the torrents. Good luck.

sydney said...

Yes, I'm giving myself that leeway. I need to get certain things approved before I sink the hours into paragraphs. Nonetheless, I don't want to let myself off the hook too easily. Trying to establish the same level of compulsion for writing as I have for my cycling workouts.