Wednesday, October 26, 2011

I wish I was a cat 3 or 4 again....

It is with a bit of envy that I announce our success at securing cool schwag for our MIDWEST CX STITCH winners, for Casey Sheppard, whose work is currently on display in Minneapolis at Gallery 360, has committed to donate a piece. Don't know which category it will be offered to, yet, but DANG, I'd ride harder. Seriously, this is a rising star and if you collect art at all, check out her work.

We'll also be having a bit of an art show at Saturday night's awards party. Of course, even if you aren't racing to win, you'll still want to come for the SHEnanigans!

Casey Sheppard
The following pieces are not the prize to be offered, but are samples of Sheppard's work. See her website and the Gallery 360 display for more fantastic pieces.


"Concrete Jungle 2"

"Scrap a Tron"

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