Thursday, September 15, 2011

Tour de Lizard - Sept 10-11

We were greeted with...

Jen "OF COURSE I'm gonna make it!" Deep was a great travel companion, who also takes great pix.

We met up with Steven Thompson from Big Pig Racing.

Who looks like this when he's not frozen in statue form:

Jen did her first full-on long and rocky MTB race:

She & Dennis navigated the many valleys of death together.

Thanks to pre-ride tips from Steven..

I was able to stay upright for the most part and win a trophy. Well, as the only woman, they congratulated me for the win at the start, but I was happy to pass a few men and earn 4th overall.  Steven came back from a busted seat post to single-speed it to 2nd overall. We were both pleased.

Steven has a keen eye for perfect sunset watching locations, so we won at that too.

Tour de Lizard: Great venue, challenging course, fun folks.


elisabeth said...

As someone who has done more that a couple marathon races as the only woman at the start, it's important to remember you haven't won until you cross the line at the finish. Besides, you laid hurt into some dudes. THAT'S winning :)

Nancy Brown said...

Totally agree with Elisabeth. I was one or only two in my class in Bend, OR. I could have just sloughed along and still come in 2nd. However, I really tried to beat Dagmar and came with in 14 sec. of doing so.
Love the pictures, Sydney!! Thanks for sharing!!!!