Thursday, September 15, 2011

Tour de Lizard - Sept 10-11

We were greeted with...

Jen "OF COURSE I'm gonna make it!" Deep was a great travel companion, who also takes great pix.

We met up with Steven Thompson from Big Pig Racing.

Who looks like this when he's not frozen in statue form:

Jen did her first full-on long and rocky MTB race:

She & Dennis navigated the many valleys of death together.

Thanks to pre-ride tips from Steven..

I was able to stay upright for the most part and win a trophy. Well, as the only woman, they congratulated me for the win at the start, but I was happy to pass a few men and earn 4th overall.  Steven came back from a busted seat post to single-speed it to 2nd overall. We were both pleased.

Steven has a keen eye for perfect sunset watching locations, so we won at that too.

Tour de Lizard: Great venue, challenging course, fun folks.