Monday, August 15, 2011


I love sprouts. They're nutritionally awesome, great additions to salads, sandwiches, wraps, and various stir-fries AND so very easy to do at home. This last bit is critical because countless are the times I've purchased sprouts only to find them funky in a day or two.

I've found using a salad spinner to be an easy way to rinse, grow and store them. I may eventually go to trays like these from, but for now a jar for the initial soaking and the spinner for growing, serving and storing is working pretty darn well. It does take up a little too much space in the fridge, though.

My process...let's see if I can remember.. I soak the beans overnight in a jar, then rinse and invert the jar so excess water can drain out. I have a screen sprout lid for a large mason jar, but also use some of that plastic netting that is used on potato sacks or other veggie sacks sometimes. Anything that lets air flow and water out. I rinse mine twice a day.

Once the beans begin to sprout, I move them to the spinner where the rinsing process continues, but where they have more room to grow. Alfalfa sprouts might do fine in a jar, but the mung beans get large.

When the sprouts reach the size I like, I move the container to the fridge. Simple as that.

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