Wednesday, August 03, 2011

Some good ideas I've come across lately

Spent a goodly amount of time this weekend getting my basement bike area all set up, so am keenly aware my small cottage requires superb space management. Thus, I was tickled to find this idea for putting heavy-duty storage containers to double-use.

My teeny bathroom needs gutted and redone, but until then, this post has inspired some ideas to make it more bearable until I pay off the living room redo and new appliances I got when I moved in.

Finally, it bothers me to use all those little plastic sacks for my fruits and veggies. Here's how to store your stuff w/o the plastic. Note, you don't HAVE to put everything in a plastic sack when getting produce at the grocery store. Open Harvest, you can take your own containers and avoid the plastic sacks even at the bulk bins.

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