Tuesday, August 02, 2011

Critical Bike Measurements

Ok, I've said it once, maybe even 40 times, get your bike measurements and record them somewhere handy-like on your mobile. 

When you shop for a new bike, you can give these to the sales people and they can set up your bike with some approximation to what's already comfortable to you. ALSO, if you are going to borrow or rent one while traveling, these key measurements might be the difference between pleasure and suffering - maybe even unintentional injury. Finally, if you are so fortunate to have team support and your director wants to set up a spare bike for you, you'll be ready. For special bonus points, record the components as well. Nothing is quite as annoying as needing a replacement asap and not remembering what exactly you require as the clock ticks down.

Make it a priority and get these handy.  Huge thanks to Mr. Know Lots and superb team director - Mike Engleman for teaching me about this.

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chaosworldwide said...

This is something I can do! I will do! You wont have to tell me twice.