Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Redlands 2011: I need a hero ...

...because I rendered my bike useless putting it back together with a bit too much torque to the bolt that tightens the thing that holds my saddle to my integrated seat post.  Roller coasters make me nauseous, and so does the sound of cracking carbon.

and all the guys at Cyclery USA
for getting me back on the saddle - so to speak. 

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Other shoutouts to ....
Erik for driving me up to Omaha
Tom for getting me to the airport
Teamie Christina for making me laugh, picking us up from the airport and for caring about food so much. 
Ian, for helping generate fix ideas
and Chris, for everything he's done to make this trip possible for Rouse Bicycles.


bryan said...

Looks like a torque wrench will be on the shopping list when you return.

Anonymous said...

We all new heros!!! once in a while - just when we need them most.

sydney said...

As it happens, I do own 2, count 'em, TWO, torque wrenches. Just forgot to pack them. :(

Anonymous said...

The sound of cracking carbon is so disturbing! Best of luck on getting that one out of your head!