Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Redlands 2011: I need a hero ...

...because I rendered my bike useless putting it back together with a bit too much torque to the bolt that tightens the thing that holds my saddle to my integrated seat post.  Roller coasters make me nauseous, and so does the sound of cracking carbon.

and all the guys at Cyclery USA
for getting me back on the saddle - so to speak. 

News and Results from
Live updates on Twitter

Other shoutouts to ....
Erik for driving me up to Omaha
Tom for getting me to the airport
Teamie Christina for making me laugh, picking us up from the airport and for caring about food so much. 
Ian, for helping generate fix ideas
and Chris, for everything he's done to make this trip possible for Rouse Bicycles.

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Ropin' report

Dad & his roping horses. His team got the day's fastest time.
I've posted race reports before, but thought I'd give you a taste of a ropin' report, courtesy of my dad, who's been tearing it up a bit on his yeller dink (horse on the left).
Yeller did fine.  Did have him go to hogging with me on one run for a couple of jumps...was a bit late on the entry and I must have driven a spur into his flank a bit deeper than ever before ;-) ...but he got where he needed to be and I managed not to fall off and roped both enlivened the crowd at least.  *L*" 

176 teams and used up winter roping cattle made for a real header contest.  I know that I'm not a super header, but I can rope most of them, and I know there were several in that run yesterday that I am sure I couldn't have caught by the horns.  Mostly the headers took out the teams.  Only 24 made it back to the 4th steer.  Troy and I fouled our first steer with him breaking out and I legging so we had 15 seconds of penalties before we got started.   they paid 5 holes in the average and we didn't get to run our last one because we couldn't beat the last hole...  Lots of good ropers from pretty far away came...must be spring fever.
Anyhow it was a good day!
What's "Team Roping?"

Friday, March 18, 2011

Redlands 2011 | women

Rouse Bicycles has put together a great squad to send to the season's first NRC race.