Wednesday, February 16, 2011

What's this NuVal thing?

The other night, Marc and I went to Hy-Vee and we saw prominent display of a new nutritional guide for shoppers called "NuVal."  In fact, the Hy-Vee chain is hiring dietitians to help customers shop. In short, the system uses a 1-100 rating system where a higher score means better nutrition. The score is generated by an algorithm that puts a value into the numerator for foods which are research supported to have beneficial effects on overall health. If a food has been generally determined to have negative impact, its value is placed into the denominator.

numerator/denominator=NuVal score

This sounds promising to me. It's simple. Buying bread? Pick the bread with the highest NuVal score.

Previously, packaging would tout "Low Fat!" only to laden the product with sugar. And, who's not familiar with the technique of making what realistically is a single-serving packaging mislabeled as multiple serving in order to highlight the lower calorie count.

Check out the site and learn more about the NuVal system.

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