Saturday, February 26, 2011

Stupid ship

The transporter beam's on the fritz and the holodeck keeps generating this dark, cramped basement room filled with bike crap. What kind of fantasy is that? So...after having some fun with the natives last night,

I again ventured out on the planet's surface, selecting the trusty single-speed Waterford as my conveyance.

The area outside the ship was rather quiet when I left.

And there was practically no one out and about in the country.

Stopped briefly at the Brown Outpost near Bennet to refuel and warm up, then returned to the city. Was a good way to spend about 4 hours.

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Andrea said...

Hope you had time to enjoy the weather this week...and that Data got the Holodeck working. Dial up Woodstock, NY 1969 for me. :)