Sunday, December 05, 2010

It's not so bad... at least when you've got the right company

I needed a beard or a face mask. Photo by Cornbread.
NW 27th ST, I think. Photo by Cornbread

I can do a couple of hours on the trainer, but more than that, it's nice to get outdoors if I can, so last night, I laid out all my clothes and equipment and joined this brave crew at 8 am to ride the gravel north of Lincoln.  My bottles were nearly frozen solid in the first hour, so drinking had to wait for the midway stop in Ceresco. I need to get a neck gaiter thing and wear a camel back under my coat. That might keep the liquids liquid.  Rhino and I did bring Hwy 77 south to Lincoln instead of the more circuitous gravel route.

Temperature: 25 degrees, wind chill 15, I think it was.


Nancy Brown said...

ugh!!! Maybe if up had waited until about 12 noon to head out, it would have made more sense. BUT, I am really proud of all of you!!!

sydney said...

Uh, no. By noon, I would have had enough coffee and had too much sense to venture out. It was really cold.