Wednesday, December 29, 2010

My Favorite Rapha Pic

Elisabeth gets the Rapha pic of the year
Mom and Malcolm both made the "All Hail the Black Market" blog. 

Friday, December 24, 2010

Now, it's official

So, my fondest win of 2010 was the local "Hustle World Championships."  Today, it was rendered completely official with a Christmas gift from my friend Ian.  Pretty cool, huh?

Ian Robertson: Artitectus

Podium at the bar.

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Regarding Ph.D's

PhD like a tortoise. Unwavering persistence is needed.
I've been approached by a few folks in the last couple of weeks regarding whether or not they should pursue a Ph.D. Yeah. I know. Believe it or not.

I told them there are other hobbies out there. I don't mean to treat it lightly, but once you embark on the pursuit it becomes such a burden. Quit early if you begin to suspect it's not all you wanted. The last place you want to be is "ABD."  That stands for "All But Dissertation," and this is not something to be proud of or roll out at a job interview. Yeah, you might have had all the coursework, but when it came time to put it all together and demonstrate what you learned, you waffled.  That's hard to live with. Believe me, I tried it.

So, you need to know before you begin that you want it - maybe more than most anything else. A clear idea of what you want out of it is also important, critical even. That's the only way you can get matched with the right advisor and plan the experiences you'll need to reach your goal.  However, the market changes rapidly and there's no guarantee that the job you've got your eye on will be waiting for you.   If a Ph.D. is something you think you're interested in, I came across some good articles today via "The Daily Dish."

"The disposable academic" from The Economist. A rebuttal from Chris Blattman at Yale.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Happy Birthday Aunt Debbie

Today is my Aunt Debbie's birthday. She and my cousins have the most complete James Bond movie collection that I know about and she's been quilt crazy for as long as I remember -- or at least since any earlier memories have her with hippy hair to her waist. :)   Anyway, this post is for her.

And...did you know there was a super villain named "Crazy Quilt?"
"Crazy Quilt", an obscure D.C comics villain who ran around in a patchwork patterned tunic and tights which he accesorized with a jaunty scarf. "Crazy Quilt" referred to himself as the "King of Color Crimes"and he could shoot light rays out of a special hat. Sadly, he didn't last long. Crazy Quilt may not have been too successful as a comic book character but given what we're seeing today with the works of Newport, Kijima and Claytor, perhaps he was just a bit ahead of his time. - (do read this page)
And...for comics as quilts.....and the value of grandmas (which my aunt is getting the hang of).... take a look at  Ryan Clayton's Graduate Thesis Exhibition which he's graciously posted online.

Happy Birthday, Aunt Debbie.

Sunday, December 12, 2010

"Driven by Flavor"

Easy and incredible tasty.

Yesterday on "Being" with Krista Tippett, Dan Barber talked about food and the importance of flavor and how the pursuit of flavor can drive social reform in terms of food.  That's not the best description, but if you care about eating, it's worth a listen.

I certainly enjoyed it while preparing a batch of bagels. Recipe from "The Breadmaker's Apprentice," by Peter Reinhart.  They're getting good reviews from my menfolk.

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Pitas ready to come out

Pitas ready to come out

Originally uploaded by sydney_b.
Kyle preps his pizza for the 500° oven. 
Pitas are one of the easiest breads to make. They can be used for sandwiches, dips, and mini pizzas. Just keep a containers of pizza sauce and toppings in the fridge. Quick and inexpensive kid food.  The oven was already hot, at 500°F, but you could also just use the broiler. That would be less energy use and quicker. Layer pizza like this: sauce, cheese, toppings.

- from my mobile

Friday, December 10, 2010

Worth $4 for sure

I read a lot of PDF-based journal articles and whatnot. This $4 app makes them completely coherent on my android phone. You can even copy and paste text from the PDF, so note-taking is possible. Be nice to have a highlighter and to be able to insert bookmarks, though.

RepliGo Reader for Android : Cerience Corporation: "RepliGo Reader for Android

RepliGo Reader for Android is the highest fidelity PDF viewing solution available. Use RepliGo Reader to view Gmail PDF attachments just like you would see them on your desktop. RepliGo Reader can also be used to view online PDF files. Use the device’s browser to navigate to a PDF online and RepliGo Reader will render the file for viewing."

I hope PhotoShop played a role in this pic

Thursday, December 09, 2010

What's cool about this screen capture?

That's right. Katie's name is biggest, second only to "2010."

One of my favorite aspects of cyclocross is the balance of mens and womens media coverage -- at least here in the states in Cyclocross Magazine.

Sunday, December 05, 2010

It's not so bad... at least when you've got the right company

I needed a beard or a face mask. Photo by Cornbread.
NW 27th ST, I think. Photo by Cornbread

I can do a couple of hours on the trainer, but more than that, it's nice to get outdoors if I can, so last night, I laid out all my clothes and equipment and joined this brave crew at 8 am to ride the gravel north of Lincoln.  My bottles were nearly frozen solid in the first hour, so drinking had to wait for the midway stop in Ceresco. I need to get a neck gaiter thing and wear a camel back under my coat. That might keep the liquids liquid.  Rhino and I did bring Hwy 77 south to Lincoln instead of the more circuitous gravel route.

Temperature: 25 degrees, wind chill 15, I think it was.