Friday, October 15, 2010

What are we going to do tonight?

from Velonews 
Velonews has been doing a series on CX bikes and featured the Specialized Crux Comp as a budget buy. I've had mine built up know for a couple weeks and I'm starting to love that thing. Weds nite CX was the first time I've been on it CXin' and not crashed it tho.  Takes a while to get the hang of new handling experience. I do know one thing though, if it feels unstable, the best cure is to just gun it, so we'll see how it goes tonight in Des Moines.

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Marc said...

If it's the same angle as the road bike why not just race the road frame? Other than clearance for a bigger tire what's the difference. I like a cross bike to have a high bottom bracket. This allows you to pedal through corners or pedal into or out of corners faster. Using shorter cranks can have the same effect.