Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Chris Cornetto of Rouse Bicycles in town

"If you see someone riding on the South Austin today that has a plume of diesel smoke coming out of his A$$ while going up hills at 5 mph, that would be me."

My friend, Chris Cornetto, will be in town today and tomorrow, so I'm hoping you'll all give him a welcome. I may have him ride the Crux so you can recognize him.  ;)

Chris is from Austin, TX, and fairly recently got into the bicycle biz with his company, Rouse Bicycles.

We'll be at Neighbor's Park at 6 p for Technique Tuesday (provided there's no rain), then Bread and Cup at 7:30 p.   He'll also join us for some CX action Wednesday.
Chris and his adorable boys.

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