Monday, October 11, 2010

Adventure Racing in the city

Last week, Lefler said adventure racing was "like something you might try in college, y'know, just try it out."  After the Warrior Challenge, I thought it was rather like binge drinking, something you managed to let yourself get caught up in, but of which you don't really want to make a habit. Nonetheless, yesterday found me chasing checkpoints with fellow Silly Roadie, Ian, once again.

From Racing
Seriously though, how could we resist? We were still stung from the beating we took a couple weeks ago. OK, maybe we heaped the suffering on ourselves, but all the same, we could've done better and we wanted to have another go. This was further inflamed when we saw "Road Rash" members show up. We spent the other adventure race passing them and then being passed when we made stupid decisions or couldn't find the flag thing. It was quite frustrating and we were determined to do better this time.
As we sat on the curb in the bike corral we overheard other racers talking about "just having fun."  Ian turned to me, stating, "Winning is fun, " before returning his gaze to the competition. Having been brought up on that sort of ethos, I gave my quads a bit of a rubdown and stretched the hammies while apologizing to them in advance.
Will there be a podium, do you think? Silly Roadies.

We were split at the start. Ian went to copy the checkpoints from the large map onto our small copy. I got the bikes. We determined our general route together and then set off. Zero to 60, time and time again. We got smoother. It worked best if Ian took care of the punch card and I studied the next destination. I do think the folks who use the large map holders are on to something though, because when you fold the maps, it's easy to miss marks you made.  That contributed to my failure to spy checkpoint 4, I think it was, that we missed. It was a 5-pointer and we were within a mile of it after trekking from the Jamaica up behind the the Cooper Y for the playground punch.

We finally made it back to the start/finish and completed the final team challenge - eat a twizzler no-handed out of a cup (Ian) and consume a slim jim (I got stuck with this).  Our time: 2 hours 51 minutes, if I remember correctly. 

It was a good time and thanks to Jim Craig and the Cycleworks/Moose's tooth crew who must have worked like the dickens to put this thing on. 


Bruther said...

SE Iowa has some great adventure racing - check out

Bruther said...

oops - sorry

sydney said...

Yeah, I wondered about that. I mean, I love the way Latex produces such wonderful typographic results and installing it on your windows machine can be a rather tedious affair, but hardly an adventure race.

I'll check out that other link.

Coach said...

Good job guys. They are fun aren't they...

David said...

Hey Syd, It was great to see you at another one of my binge drinking events. Good job on the race. ROADRASH was not a single team at that race. We split into "Biker Babe and the grape smugglers", a new team with a biker newbie named Jennifer and "Spin Cycle" with Lindsey, Connie and Tammy.

I hope to see you at more races in 2011.

And it was good to see you at the CX race at Van Dorn park. DANG you are fast over the hurdles.

sydney said...

I'm just sayin' we saw you all show up and we knew it was gonna be a tough day in the saddle.

Hey, Lindsey came down to CX on Weds. She's way tougher than me to drive all that way on such a crappy day. I was too busy with my one woman pity party and missed hanging with her, but she might come down next weds and that would cool.

You gonna come play tomorrow night?