Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Nearly two months, huh?

Masters Worlds Start/Finish
For pix from this trip, see Facebook and my Picassa collection.

Nearly two months without a post. The scoop:
  • 07/11/10 - Hit in a race = broken clavicle. 6 weeks to season's only "A" race. Morose doesn't quite cover it.
  • 07/16/10 - Yes. I can ride the trainer if I strap the arm in place.
  • 07/26/10 - You know, so long as I avoid the bumps and don't try to shift, I can go outside once in a while. Trainer is going better, but hating indoors.
  • 08/02/10 - Happy birthday to me
  • 08/04/10 - You know, there's hope! Power's picking up. Maybe I will be ok at Masters Worlds. I can even get in TT position. I have got to get out of this basement.
  • 08/08/10 - TT Intervals. Outside. Woo hoo! I'm flying. Numbers are OK. I can do this. BAM! WTF?! I can't move. I'm on Hwy 77 and I can't get up. Help. Dislocated ribs. Overnight at Bryan West. Two and a half weeks to Masters Worlds TT - the objective I had drawn a bead on November 2009. All shot to hell. Don't make me sneeze or cough. Off the bike for a week.
  • 08/15/10 -Mom crashes during the Senior Games 20 km road race. Her knee is swelling up - volleyball size - from what I can see. Yikes. Are both our MWorlds races shot?
  • 08/16/10 - Riding a little. I've already filled out the paperwork. Paid my money. I'm definitely going, but won't race. Can't even lift my bike, how will I get my stuff through the airport? Just give it a couple of days. Might be OK. 
  • 08/17/10 - Oh heck. I'll take both bikes. I'm already entered in everything. maybe I'll feel OK. Think of it as an extravagant pre-ride of the course. Encourage Mom to take her bike too. We'll feel better. It'll be beautiful. We're certainly not going to wan to walk everywhere. Who knows? Maybe we'll even feel like racing.
  • 08/19/10 - We're outta here. Dad helps mom and I get our bikes to the airport.
  • 08/22/10 - First ride in Austria. It's gorgeous. My legs actually feel pretty good. By golly, I think I will do that world cup race tomorrow.
  • 08/23/10 - So many butterflies in my belly. Haven't been this excited and nervous in a long time. Wow, they're taking it from the line. This is a terribly long climb. Will that german ever ease the pace? Whew, made it over the hill with the lead group. Climb two. The Russian attacks. I knew it! I knew she'd go. She was so antsy and I could see the power. Kept a clean line and stayed with her, but YIKES, what an expensive surge. Five of us are left.  We work together until nearly the last. They start to refuse to take pulls. The Russian is yelling. Confusion. It's earlier than I'd wanted, but maybe I could get away here. I attack and fly clear. O darn. They're not going to let me go. I've given them cause for unity. They catch, and the German fires the counter attack. They let her go. The Russian and I chase a little, but our heart's not in it. I get fifth. I guess I had 3 matches.
  • 08/25/10 - The TT. Day couldn't be more perfect, but legs are still a bit tired from Monday's RR. It's just a pre-ride. Don't get your hopes up. I race. Start goes OK, but just can't lift the power. Come on legs. Pleeaase? No? Argh. Seriously?! This is all you got? Oh well.  5th, really? Hmm. Those women must hate TT's more than me. Winner really smokes it though. I'll have to come back. Mom does great, knocking 4 minutes off her best 20 km time thus far.
  • 08/26/10 - Road Race. Lots of faces who weren't there Monday or for the TT. I make my watch list and tape it to my stem. My legs are tired. Got no fitness. Must make it over that first climb with the lead group. The Russian from Monday and a strong, lean woman in a full on Saxobank kit spend way too much time talking off by themselves before the race start. They're not smiling the way friends chit-chatting do either. I may not understand what their saying, but I know something's up. Maybe should have done a trainer warm-up.  Race starts, I slide up and secure Saxobank's wheel. A couple of women try to push me off it. I get in my drops and round my elbows out a little, bracing for contact. They back off. I hold the wheel. Within 4-5 minutes we're at the base of the first and largest climb. Yep, I was right. Saxo and the Russian intend to shatter this pack like eggs. Holy crap. Is the top near?  I'm sliding back. I can't hold this wheel. My legs are going dead. Dammit. Mom cheers. I love her. I dig. I look over my shoulder. The pack is gone. Wow. Hmm. Maybe they'll start fighting and I'll be able to catch them. I crest the climb. Another has been dropped. I'll work with her. I chase. I near, hoping she'll look back and wait. She doesn't. I even holler a couple of times. Finally, I get her wheel. We work. And work some more. We see them. They see us. They're gone. Climb three. She says the field is coming. I look back. Sure enough, the field nears. No freakin' way. I can't let them get me. I don't have anything over threshold. My legs are complaining already. I push as hard as I dare up the climb. Can't blow up. My chase partner drops off. I top alone and no one is in sight. Settle in. Keep it just under popping. I focus on catching rider after rider on the open course, hoping to see the back end of my race. I don't. Some Slovenian guys jump on my wheel. One comes around and offers to give me a pull. I wave him off. No. I pull around him. I've worked too hard to get disqualified. Finally, he understands and drops back. I persist and pick up my pace eventually coming across the line alone for 8th place. It's deeply satisfying.
  • 09/04/10 - First group ride with the Shiclismo women. Turns out to be the ride I've been waiting for since I started this sport. Unity. Focused effort to cheat the wind. Good company. This is awesome. What a great day.


Nancy Brown said...

What a great write-up!!!!! Thanks!!!

jono said...

Wow. What a great comeback. I'm happy for you. Great way to round out an otherwise bad season.