Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Masters Worlds Trip Booked

Thus far in my cycling career, I've aimed to do one or two "big things" each season. Last year, I went with Mom to the Senior Olympics in San Francisco where she got 7th in the time trial, and we also went to Louisville, KY for Masters Nationals where I got my first national jersey. This August, we'll be returning to Louisville, and then it's off to Austria for the Masters Worlds road championships. I'll be focusing on the time trials in both events, but will also be participating in the road races.

It's a little nerve-wracking to have your season's goals rest on one or two events, but it's really the only way to  structure everything to channel towards success on those targets. Thankfully, things appear to be falling into place. My early season injury knocked out my 2010 stage racing, but seems to be clearing up rapidly and I have so much support. All that remains is for me to execute the plan and do justice to everyone's efforts on my behalf.

On a lighter note, I'm also going to have a little fun next week and see what this Lincoln Hustle is all about -- at least for April. No doubt it will be something I'll be terrible at, but it'll be fun to meet a new two-wheeled crew and see what else is going on in my town. If you're game, come join me. We'll get our asses kicked together.

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elisabeth said...

we're looking forward to having you at the hustle. :)