Monday, April 19, 2010

First races in the bag - patience is key

Many of you know I struggled with early season leg problems (baker's cyst) which culminated in a plantaris tendon rupture the beginning of the month. Thus my season has been late in starting and has been highly modified, with me sitting out planned stage races like Gila and Joe Martin. Nonetheless, I did get to race this weekend and felt better than I thought I would, leaving me optimistic for later season competition.

Saturday, I spent two and half hours with the men 1/2/3 doing 5 laps at Branched Oak. It was pretty fun and perhaps I should have ridden more conservatively and been able to finish with the group, but I spent as if I were in a women's field and my legs turned in their resignation about 5 miles from the finish. Nonetheless, I thought that was a good thing since I was using my powertap and having spent it all, I'd be able to look at the file and get a picture of where I was capability-wise after the injury related layoff.

Later in the afternoon, I busted out the time trial bike and joined forces with friends to form the Dixon Slayers. Could have also been called "Three chicks and strong dude." We finished up second overall in the team time trial competition, which was pretty darn cool.

The 1/2/3 men's crit in Pioneer's Park Sunday was a 16 or 17 lap hill repeat. The first two laps, I went up the hill with the guys, but I did have to jam it pretty hard out of the saddle to do so and that wore on my leg enough that I decided to let 'em go, do six laps and then just go get in some endurance and tempo work, which doesn't hurt at all anymore.

I believe it was the right decision. When coming back from an injury it's so important not to let the joy of healing up override your good sense and lead you to push too hard. Though, I do have to admit, it's much easier advice to give than to adhere to.

Huge congrats to all the Joyridians who turned out for the event. As the Dixonator likes to say, "the 'J' stands for 'Just awesome'," and that's that.

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