Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Kyle spends spring break on hydrocodone

I've been so busy. Am doing most of my bike related posting over on Here on the home front the kitchen is busy as usual, cranking out homemade yogurt and other healthy things - most of the time. However, Kyle has us hooked on those chocolate haystacks, which might be great for long endurance rides, but are insanely addicting and bad for the lycra look the rest of the time.

Speaking of Kyle, if you didn't see the pix on Facebook, he had quite an accident on March 21st, and has been enjoying a stead diet of smoothies and hydrocodone.

Sunday evening, we had dinner with family at the farm, then Kyle and my 5-year-old nephew, Sean, headed to the barn to get the shooting stuff out for some after dinner recreation. Next thing we know, Sean comes into the house and says, quite calmly, "Kyle's hurt."

Sure enough, after a couple of blood-related questions along the lines of "is it like a dribble, or like a fountain?" We go out and Kyle's bent over, blood streaming between his fingers. A bath towel and ice pack are secured and it's off the ER in The Big Black.

At Bryan East, they admit him and start the preliminaries then send us to Bryan West, where there's a plastic surgeon on duty. They offer to call an ambulance, but say a private vehicle will be faster. Heck yeah. Arriving at Bryan West's emergency, Kyle gets a shot of morphine while decisions are made for surgery. Being as one of the knocked out teeth had been located, they were going to try and put it back in. Unfortunately, once in surgery, they discovered Kyle's gum area had been shattered and that was going to have to be rebuilt before anything could be done about the teeth.

Tomorrow, he'll get the stitches out of his lip and the ones in his gum will dissolve on their own. April 1st, we'll visit with a plastic surgeon and map the plan from bone grafts to dental bridge to finally permanent replacement teeth.

The good news is that the Tooth Fairy met me on the bike trail and asked for the one located big honkin' knocked out tooth in exchange for a new Diamondback ViperX from Joyride Bicycles. Of course, I agreed, and then proceeded to try and ride Swerks while holding the Viper in the middle of the bar for three miles. Talk about shoulder stiffness. Nonetheless, it did put a smile on the patient's face and methinks he'll be having some fun on Lincoln's BMX track later this spring and summer.