Tuesday, February 09, 2010

"My Tracks" pretty darn cool

After hearing the road condition report from my son this morning: "Holy crap! It's deadly slick out there!" I decided to walk to work instead of riding. Of course, I could have taken the bus, but why stand still in the cold when you could be moving towards your destination and arrive at the same time, or maybe even sooner?

It also offered me an opportunity to test out a new app on my Sprint Samsung Moment, Android-based phone -- "My Tracks." The program uses the phone's gps to keep track of your route, pace, etc. and then sends it to your list of Google maps. You can make it private or public.

The easy to use interface had me recording in three thumb presses and 24 minutes and 27 seconds later I arrived at my destination having managed a 4.8 mph pace. I wonder what my pace is when not tip-toeing over ice?

Anyway, I uploaded the route and found it to be meticulously mapped -- every 4 meters, in fact. This was the recommended default setting. I may change it, assuming the phone uses more battery life each time it pings the satellites. The program will also upload to a Google docs spreadsheet, which is really cool, if you're tracking miles or time or whatever for fitness. Great app.

This is an app I'd pay for, but it happens to be free of charge from the Android Market.

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elisabeth said...

it was indeed very slick this morning, but i stayed upright!