Thursday, January 07, 2010

What's important about Google's phone

Here's why I did a small celebratory dance on the 5th. Google came out with its own phone and it has a degree of carrier independence previously unseen. I have long been angry at the lack of separation between communication pipes (carriers) and hardware devices. In a competitive consumer-driven market, they should be separate.

Google's biggest announcement was not a phone, but a URL
In short, what Google announced today [jan 5] wasn't just the Nexus One, but America's first carrier-independent smartphone store; the Google store is now the only smartphone store in the US where, for every phone on offer, you first pick which phone you want, and then you pick a network and a plan on that network, choosing from among every network on the platform. So you can comparison shop among networks based purely on plan price and network quality, because you already have your phone picked out.

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