Monday, January 04, 2010

Pedaling efficiency - what of it?

PezCycling News - What's Cool In Pro Cycling
"The really interesting thing that this study found was that, independent of things like body mass, age, or cycling specialty, there was a very strong inverse relationship between VO2max and cycling efficiency in this group. This is similar to the results from another study on the same thing in world-class runners. The riders with the relatively low aerobic capacity were able to compensate for this handicap by being much more efficient, resulting in their requiring less energy to generate a particular power output. One of the subjects was the just-retired Abraham Olano, and he is an excellent example of somebody overcoming “average” genetics to garner an incredible palmares that included two Worlds titles, a Vuelta, a 2nd in the Giro and a 4th in Le Tour. Unbelievably, he actually had a ludicrously low VO2max compared to the other subjects and even many amateurs, but he compensated for it by having the second highest efficiency rating."

"So what does all this mean? First, don’t get too hung up on your “genetic” potential or comparing your test results to anybody else. Smart and dedicated training can help you to exceed your perceived limits."

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