Friday, January 08, 2010

I wanna be like her someday....from

"... In India her main problem was gangs of young cyclists who jeered, jabbed at her, pulled her hair and grabbed the handlebars. Sensing mounting hysteria one day outside a school, she looked in panic to two adult cyclists who had dismounted to watch but clearly intended to do nothing. The crisis brought out the headmistress of old: "I glared around with a steely eye, and controlling the pitch of my voice with great effort, said slowly and authoritatively, 'Will you kindly step back and let me pass through?' It worked a charm. Whether or not they understood what I said, they recognised the magisterial tone. They quietened instantly and stepped back. 'Thank you,' I said coolly, pushing my bicycle forward and pedalling off with a confident air."..."

Read about Anne Musto who gave up a headmistress job to cycle around the world.

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