Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Cheap-Oh-Chic from PezCycling News

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Plastic Bag
PezReader, Nick H., sent this in a while ago and I’ve tested it and confirmed that A Plastic Bag is Cheap-Oh Chic. Here are his words:

For the best part of twenty years, I have ridden with a good quality plastic bag in my rear pocket. The sides of the bag have been opened and an oval has been cut in the bottom big enough to put your head through. Voila!

When it is cold you can use the bag doubled as a chest protector under a non windproof jersey. It is as good as any gillet, breathes perfectly (there are no sides), folds up very small, and is incredibly easy to take off during a race (place your hand up your jersey, grab the bag and pull).

But wait there is more. If it is raining, remove your short sleeve jersey, place the bag over your head (through the cleverly designed hole), and replace the short sleeve jersey. Encore voila!

Simple, yet effective.

A rain mac, 100% waterproof (on the front and back) and breathes through the open sides. What is more, because the bag goes under your jersey, you do not reduce your aerodynamics and your team mates assume that you are Belgian because you are riding in the rain wearing only short sleeve jersey. Plus, it folds up incredibly small, so you will always take it with you, so it is more practical than an expensive, fully waterproof jacket.

Price? Cost free (assuming you own a pair of scissors to cut the hole).


munsoned said...

Plastic, the other technical fabric.

I discovered this concept last year before a ride. This guy's idea of having a good quality one with a head hole is even more genius.

Now, just to find the appropriate bag...

sydney said...

That's right. I remember you did post that. I'm gonna try it now that it's upscale. ;)