Friday, November 20, 2009

Kicking off 2010

I've been mighty quiet lately with the exception of a bit of tweeting.

Here's the scoop:

I'm writing my dissertation proposal with lofty ambitions of having it ready for critics to shred by 12/15/09, so I'm getting up in the wee hours to write each morning. I've been ABD (All But Dissertation) for multiple YEARS and even thought I could let it go, but I can't. It sits on my brain as unfinished business and after investing so much, it would be an exceedingly stupid thing to forgo it now that my advisor and I have identified a topic we both find interesting and doable.

Being out of travel time and money as well as needing a break, I haven't been racing any cross. Instead, I'm doing a proper break and base season. This opens the time up for the writing and is freshening my mind for the upcoming 2010 race season, which I am quite excited about.

I'll be riding national events (NRC) as part of the elite squad (  Locally, I'll be sporting Joyride Bicycle's colors. In both cases, a huge thank you goes out to my local support Rightway Personal Training, Joyride Bicycles and PepsiCo./Rockstar Energy Drink). as well as to the sponsors. Without all this help, I certainly couldn't race on a national level, especially not living on the coasts or in a major metro area like Chicago.

I also need to give a shout-out to my employer, University of Nebraska-Lincoln, specifically Extended Education and Outreach. I feel so fortunate to work in an environment with people I enjoy and respect, and who also support my commitment to riding and racing. Without the flexibility on the parts of my employer and the faculty I serve, it would be difficult if not impossible to ride at the level I do.

As you can probably figure out, my time, especially Monday through Friday, is ridiculously scheduled and I'm opting to ride the trainer or rollers those days, simply because it's so much more time efficient. Moreover, inside cycling allows you to be extraordinarily precise in your workouts. I've set up a big screen monitor so I can watch and don't find it bad at all.

However, I am considering the purchase of a computrainer. I know, total tech nerd, but the lure of downloading and riding the routes I'll be racing next season is irresistible, so let me know if you're interested in a set or two of Bontrager Race X Lite wheels for tubular tires. I also have a Trek XO2 up for sale.  O gosh, I know, CX bikes going. Egads. Believe me, it hurts to type it, but the reality of things are thus:

  1. I enjoy the career I already have and that I'm building by finishing off that PhD.
  2. In academia, Fall and winter are busy, busy times, not so amenable to taking off every weekend. Road racing is much more compatible with an academic schedule.
  3. I need an off-season, mentally and physically. 
So, you're going to see me at some local and regional cross events for fun, but my focus will be road. Though, Megan is going to have us play on the track at the team meeting the end of January. Looking forward to seeing what that's like.

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