Monday, November 09, 2009

Gravel indulgences

From Gravel rides 2009

This weekend marked the second of long gravel rides. This pic shows Jesse and Cornbread checking out a small graveyard we found in the middle of the field. Check out Cornbread's blog for the full write-up. He even surfed up some interesting facts.

Riding the gravel has been fun. I've done so little of it despite the plethora of options around here, mostly because I didn't have any idea of the routes and especially because of the dogs.  Now that I've had escorts for some long trips, I'm feeling more confident and will be up for solo-ing it when the long miles come due in my program. Thanks guys!

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Cornbread said...

It's been great having you along the past couple of weekends!

Yeah, there's a lot of gravel to ride around here. Get out and there and explore. If you find anything cool, be sure to get a pic!