Tuesday, October 06, 2009

"I've Seen the Enemy and the Enemy is Us"

As I prepare to step into preparation for the 2010 road season, this timely article popped up on Pez Cycling. I think y'all should read it too, especially those of you determined to improve for next year.

<< I’ve Seen The Enemy And The Enemy Is Us
So what does it mean to be a good client? I don’t mean paying your bills on time and tracking all your power data. There are riders who are coachable and then there are those who aren’t. Just as there is an art to being a coach, there is an art to being coached.

Much of it has to do with listening. With all the information about training out there and our preconceived assumptions about ourselves and how our bodies work, we often hear what we want to hear. There are riders who read a great coaching article, follow 90% of it and throw out the other 10% because it isn’t convenient, they don’t think it applies to them or they just don’t agree with it. The problem is that the 10% they are skipping is the difference between a training plan that works and one that doesn’t and it often nullifies the other 90% of the program. >>

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