Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Women's Tour of Missouri aka Gateway Cup

Woo hoo. Got registered this morning for the Womens Tour of Missouri Omnium aka Gateway Cup for the Pro/1/2 Women. Looking at the registered athlete list it kind of reads like a Who's Who of the U.S. Pro peleton, short Proman and Tibco. Lafayette is gonna be screamin' fast.

ToM puts the lid on my 2009 road season. Per usual, the feeling is somewhat bittersweet. Part of me is so looking forward to the mental and physical break, the other, well, cringes at letting the fitness go.

Oh wait. We do something else in the Fall. Something that makes my lungs burn. Requires a kind of  road bike, but a bit meaner. That's right.... PSYCHO CROSS. Uh, or is that Psychlo-cx? Stay tuned. More on this later.

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