Thursday, September 24, 2009


The Gimp called me over to his computer to show me the live feed from the Vegas CX race. As the familiar names popped up on the screen, I was briefly and deeply struck with a desire to be among them, jealous that they were racing their bikes in Vegas and I was wrestling with a computer issue for work in Lincoln. Sighing deeply, I felt the pain of my healing ribs, and comforted myself with the thought that even if I had saved the money and vacation time to go, it would have been a waste b/c of injury.  Returning to my work, my envious feelings were further dissipated with the knowledge that although few would want to do the work I do, I'm good at it, find it enjoyable and it probably pays better, especially over the long term, than professional women's bike racing.

"Besides, who races cx in September?! Oughtta be in Nebraska in December." Further consolation from the sofa.

No kidding, I thought. There's something to the  seasonal aspect of sport and food. One needs to maximize the pleasure of things, keep it special. Things to look forward to and things to be glad have passed. However, CX is one of the few things in my life falling full measure into both those categories.

Thus, my answer, despite the many good reasons not to care one whit about missing Vegas CX and Mad CX in WI this weekend, if I had the $, time and form, I would love to race cx in September, especially in the Vegas heat. Oh well, maybe next year.


john said...

Syd - I really like that - everything has it's season, really.

Marc said...

We'll Americanize cross so that it's year round and miss the true meaning of the sport like crits. BRING BACK TRACK RACING AND LET'S FORGO CRITS.