Monday, May 18, 2009

Gila, Joe Martin, Sourdough and Chainmail

Forgive me for bullet-listing, but there's so much I haven't a clue as to where to begin.


  • First time at altitude
  • First time in the mountains
  • Found descending twisty mountain roads rather alarming, but was better on the last day than the first.
  • Although the time trial was a mechanical disaster (no big ring for 1st half, dropped chain in 2nd), I still got 22nd, so that was cool, especially after blowing up on the previous day's road race.
  • Lessons learned: before racing at altitude, do a more intensive warm-up; take some trips to areas with fast, winding descents and get more comfortable with that; always, always, always check out your own gear with plenty of time before you go to the line no matter how qualified the person who worked on it last.
Joe Martin Memorial Stage Race
  • 14 seconds faster than last year. :)
  • Still corner shy from training crash on damp pavement
  • 7th place stage finish on 2nd RR
  • On that first road race, if you don't make it through that finishing left-right in position, you're ruined, unless you have a lot more umph left than I did at the end of that race.
  • Lessons learned: If I want to be more than pack fodder, I've got to never lose sight of where those time bonuses are to be gained. E.g. In that 2nd RR, being 7th was essentially a waste of energy and no better than 40th since there was payout and time bonuses for only the first 3 placings.
I began a new starter in Albuquerque, NM and it's wonderfully active, behaving exactly like the recommendations. Unfortunately, I have yet to figure out just how much time is necessary for bulk fermentation and the proofing. Oh well. The attempts to master a good boule aren't disastrous and actually make decent toast. The family unit is eating it, though this be for want of other options. 

The Garden
Have one of the raised beds planted. My focus this spring is getting herbs in. I also put in a couple of tomatoes and pepper plants, along with zuchinni. I know, all these things seem so plentiful mid-summer, but it's awfully nice to just walk out your own door and grab them up. 

Happily, the two older boys are taking a video game hiatus. Unhappily, this resulted in me having to pull what appeared to be a metal ring out of my heel. The living room was taken over for the construction of chainmail, which consists of making a bajillion wire rings, then linking them together.

"Mom, just think of it like a Lego piece."

Uhm, I don't recall having to extract a Lego from my foot, though those sharp corners were no massage. 
Speaking of Legos, anyone want to buy them by the pound? I simply must clear my little house of some stuff. 

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