Thursday, April 09, 2009

Ouch, but it worked

So, WNW was last night and the route was Branched Oak. The route has some good sized hills and invariably part of this ride includes some action that spits a few out the back of the pack. As we crossed the bridge over the tracks near the university, my legs sent notice.

Legs: "uhm, cap'n, we got no power. Equipment's got to rest. Won't matter how much oxygen those overactive lungs send down here."

Brain: "Ah, you'll be ok. Warm up a little. Get ready."

(We turn into the headwind by the lake, still headed out of town.)

Legs: "Cap'n, remember what I told you? Well, warming up has nothing to do with it. I'm telling you, we got no power down here."

Brain: "Crap. How about speed? Got enough to spin those pedals faster than usual?"

Legs: "hmm. Maybe."

(Brain does some thinking. Other riders seem not to hear the audible creaking and grinding.)

Brain to self: "Lessee.... spin fast to make up for reduced power. Rest when possible. Don't let gaps open, so as to avoid having to close them. Stay on top of the gears. Take pulls to stay in the mix, but make them short. Hit the hills first and slide back. Rest on the downhill. Those guys are bigger. Stay in their draft and you won't hardly have to pedal."

Brain to crew: "Ok, guys. We've been given an opportunity to practice what it takes to ride hard when the muscles are fatigued, something that will most surely happen in these upcoming stage races. The bad news is that unlike the stage races, there will be fresh legs tonight and most Wednesdays, but don't worry about it. Just imagine they're those extra strong racers. So,
when I call for power, legs you're gonna spin as fast as you can. If you need more force, get that big butt out of the saddle and shove down on those pedals. Lungs and other systems, do your thing."

All: "Roger that."

I'm pleased to say it worked. I didn't get spit out the back despite being on the fine edge of 'ow' for quite a bit of the time. It's pretty frustrating tho, to have all the air you can stand and no legs. :)


Marc said...

and i was thinking " 26 mph into the wind is slow. I'm so bored"
"common you slow pokes"
"now remember the company you keep makes you what you are"
"be nice to your companions"
"who needs companions"
"i dont want to be slow all my life"
such are my thoughts on Wed nites.

Coach said...

Syd: Who's Brian?
You were riding top notch!

Marc: That's why we love to hate you...

sorel top said...

I had to read your post using Scotty's and Captain Kirk's voices. Very entertaining that way.

I've been frustrated with the lack of my legs to keep up with my breathing.

Marc said...

I'm not here to be loved or hated. People who are close to me and that I coach know my reasoning.

I had some good role models growing up. I'll make you tough.

Anonymous said...

i tell my brain this things all the time and it still does not work???

Nature Valley Girl!