Friday, April 10, 2009

Tour of Hermann: Men 3 or Women Open?

The Tour of Hermann is next weekend and I'm trying to figure out which races to do. It's an omnium. I'll have teammates, but I'm not thrilled about the women's races.

In the criterium we're slated for a mere 25 minutes - 5 minutes longer than the juniors. For the road race, we've a wholloping 35 miles, about 50% of most of the races we'll be doing as part of the pro/1/2 fields at Joe Martin. I suppose the intention is to trim it down to make it more accessible to cat 4 women (we don't have 5's). It also gives the cat 4 women a chance at the equitable prize monies. So, it's a good for the cat 4 women.

For me, I guess it comes down to what I really want out of the trip.

Do I want a better chance of offsetting my costs by doing the women's events, or do I want to make a donation and stretch myself in preparation for events like the Joe Martin Memorial Stage Race and the Nature Valley Grand Prix? Now that it's written out, the correct course of action, at least individually, appears quite clear.

When upper category women opt out of women's races, does it diminish the event in any way? Or, maybe it doesn't even matter.


Marc said...

A cat 2 woman should be able to hold her own in a cat 3 mens race. I've seen the power numbers from women and men and physically they should be able to race each other. Heck, a cat 2 male produces the wattage of a pro lady.

Here is a chart to compare the sexes and categories. Of course, there's more to racing then numbers. Scroll down to power profiling spreadsheet

At least you are given choices. It's very rare that the cat 2 mens field gets to race against just cat 2's. We're usually thrown in with the pro's and 1's. So what you going to do?

Timmo said...

Women open, no question. Do you realize how embarrassing it is as a cat 3 man to get handed by a woman?!?!? This is the time in a man's cycling career that he decides to keep going to Cat 1 or give up the bike all together. You coming in and ripping them a new one and then blogging about it will surely cut the number of cat 3 licenses in half for next year. GEEZZEE!!

Bob Kuhn said...

Cat 3 men. It is not a peak event so it can be a nice training race for you. If you take gender out of it and just look for how it fits into your goals, I think the Cat 3 would be a better choice.

Making the trip to Roswell again?

sydney said...

Tim, you convinced me. Gotta do the right thing.

I'm signing up for the 3's. It's imperative we all contribute to sustaining the strength and vigor of the cycling community. Every aspiring male racer should know if he can beat a middle-aged woman or not before he invests further in his two-wheeling career.

Don't you think?

Bob, I'm not doing Roswell this year since I'm putting more focus on road races and time trials.

You and Marc are right. It will be an excellent training opportunity of which I'd be foolish to not take advantage.

Timmo said...

I see how it is. You are into that "tough love" kinda thing. Well, I'll send some tissues to wipe their eyes once their hopes and dreams are destroyed.

bluecolnago said...

good luck, sydney. can't wait to read the race report! ;)

Chris said...

Do the men's race and use it as a hard training session.

bryan said...

that's why I don't race with you, Sydney.

I'm fragile.