Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Lance's film crew

Lance's film crew
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Got to evesdrop on the plans for filming Lance this week. Drama about first race back after accident.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Almost to the top

Almost to the top
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Ready to roll

Ready to roll
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Albuquerque to Silver City today

PezCycling News - What's Cool In Pro Cycling

Being that I'm preparing to begin the first major stage race of my season, I thought I'd share this with you. Just published today on

Toolbox: Physiological Demands of Stage Racing
<< You are three days into a five day stage race. Your legs are tired from chasing back a break before the final climb, you can’t shake the intermittent leg cramps, and tomorrow is another 80 miles of climbing and wind; and you can hardly wait! The Tour de France may own July, but to a cyclist it’s always a good time for a stage race! >>
Read the article has shared: Sven Nys and SpongeBob Team Up to Host Youth Cyclocross Clinics

Pretty cool.
Sven Nys and SpongeBob Team Up to Host Youth Cyclocross Clinics sent this using ShareThis.

Sunday, April 26, 2009

So nice

So nice
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The neighborhood doesn't distract from the view

Saturday, April 25, 2009


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Practice mtn. The sky's so big here even the mtn looks small in the pic. NM has interesting physical geography. Liking it a lot.

Friday, April 24, 2009

Want to ride a bike like mine?


Join the Specialized Designs for Women demo fleet as it teams up with Joyride Bicycles Monday night for their weekly "ChitChat" Ride- a no-drop ride for all
ability levels. We'll have the latest Dolces and Rubys for you to test out on the ride. 

Where: Joyride Bicycles

5633 S 16th St Suite 500, Lincoln NE 68512

When: Monday, April 27th

Ride leaves at 5:45 from the shop

What to bring?

Helmet, shoes, pedals, ID


Amy Kippley

Designs for Women Demo Coordinator


Joyride Bicycles

Office pets

Office pets
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Our cockroaches in neb hall.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

What happened here?

What happened here? Where's the jockey?

Women's Racer Ride - It's on!

Like to invite the ladies to go on the Thursday women's racer ride. You don't need to be a racer, or even want to do it. The reason it's called that is because we do practice racing tactics and skills. These are very useful for group riding as well, so please come on out! It's going to be a beautiful day to be on a bike. We'll leave Joyride Bicycles at 6pm. Questions? Phone 402-817-0327.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Thanks, Kevin B.

Big thanks to Kevin for stopping and helping me with my flat and the subsequent chase tonight. First weds flat. Was bummed to lose the group since I had been looking forward to hanging today. Thought maybe there'd be a pause, but I guess flat stops are the the neutral rollout only. And Jay, thx for the quick brake fix.

This brings me to another point.... I have to say I don't much care for a slogan I saw down in Hermann, though I'm sure its all in fun.  I think it was "women are the new men." No wait... it was "men are the new women."

Just kind of put me off because women were wearing the slogan and it just kind of seemed to put both sexes down. I'd like to think being a woman was a good thing and feel appreciated for all it makes me. I mean, I like to think I'm a fairly capable damsel and I must say I've been grateful for a rescue or few.

Using what I am as an insult to somebody else, even as a tease, well, I kind of think it helps perpetuate the stereotypes and marginalization that hurts us all. That being said, I'm sure I've been guilty of doing the same some time or another. So, if you sport the slogan, take no offense and have fun with it. I'm probably just discovering a new hangup.

Did I ever tell you about the pants with pockets issue....? Nothing like being a parent to expose your prejudices and neuroses (sp?).

Not sure its fair

Not sure its fair
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Yum. Can the day start any better? Good mood. Good coffee and looking forward to good company @ spin.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Battle of the bulges

When unhealthy foods hijack overeaters’ brains
By LAURAN NEERGAARD / The Associated Press

... The scientist who once led the government’s attack on addictive cigarettes can’t wander through part of San Francisco without craving a local shop’s chocolate-covered pretzels. Stop at one cookie? Rarely.

It’s not an addiction but it’s similar, and he’s far from alone. Kessler’s research suggests millions share what he calls “conditioned hypereating” — a willpower-sapping drive to eat high-fat, high-sugar foods even when they’re not hungry ...

Read the whole article.

Friday, April 17, 2009

Tour of the Gila

I've been invited to go to New Mexico the end of the month and race the Tour of the Gila as a guest rider for DFT p/b Treads  (Defined Fitness Training as presented by Treads Bicycle Outfitters). DFT p/b Treads made its NRC (National Race Calendar - domestic pro circuit) debut at  The Redlands Classic, placing 9th in the overall team classification and 3rd among the amateur squads, so I'm pretty excited about the opportunity.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Saturday - stop on in

Saturday - stop on in
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Pink Solidarity

After making a bunch of noise about riding with the 3's for the Hermann road race, I'm opting to ride the women's, but will join the 3's in their crit for some intensity work. Jen, Michelle and I need to make the most of our opportunity to practice riding together. I mean, after all, that's the point of belonging to a team. 

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Thank goodness.... Research supports no ice bath

Whew.... I'm all for improving my recovery, but the thought of taking an ice bath makes me cringe. I live in Nebraska and get all the cold I want November to April. Check the article out on Pez.

Monday, April 13, 2009

Ride with Phil Keoghan of "The Amazing Race" on Friday, 4/17/09

<< Who in the world is Phil Keoghan, and why is he riding across America?  He's best known for hosting the US version of The Amazing Race on CBS since it came out in 2001.  Now he's on a triple mission to 1) raise money for multiple sclerosis, 2) promote bicycling, and 3) introduce a new food product called "NOW One Square Meal". >>

Get the full scoop on Lincoln's Star City Blog .

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Nutrition for early morning workouts

I know there's a few of us who do at least a few of our workouts in the wee hours of the morning. Monique Ryan, dietician, posted a good article on the nutrition early birds require. Give it a read on Velonews.

Friday, April 10, 2009

Tour of Hermann: Men 3 or Women Open?

The Tour of Hermann is next weekend and I'm trying to figure out which races to do. It's an omnium. I'll have teammates, but I'm not thrilled about the women's races.

In the criterium we're slated for a mere 25 minutes - 5 minutes longer than the juniors. For the road race, we've a wholloping 35 miles, about 50% of most of the races we'll be doing as part of the pro/1/2 fields at Joe Martin. I suppose the intention is to trim it down to make it more accessible to cat 4 women (we don't have 5's). It also gives the cat 4 women a chance at the equitable prize monies. So, it's a good for the cat 4 women.

For me, I guess it comes down to what I really want out of the trip.

Do I want a better chance of offsetting my costs by doing the women's events, or do I want to make a donation and stretch myself in preparation for events like the Joe Martin Memorial Stage Race and the Nature Valley Grand Prix? Now that it's written out, the correct course of action, at least individually, appears quite clear.

When upper category women opt out of women's races, does it diminish the event in any way? Or, maybe it doesn't even matter.

Thursday, April 09, 2009

Ouch, but it worked

So, WNW was last night and the route was Branched Oak. The route has some good sized hills and invariably part of this ride includes some action that spits a few out the back of the pack. As we crossed the bridge over the tracks near the university, my legs sent notice.

Legs: "uhm, cap'n, we got no power. Equipment's got to rest. Won't matter how much oxygen those overactive lungs send down here."

Brain: "Ah, you'll be ok. Warm up a little. Get ready."

(We turn into the headwind by the lake, still headed out of town.)

Legs: "Cap'n, remember what I told you? Well, warming up has nothing to do with it. I'm telling you, we got no power down here."

Brain: "Crap. How about speed? Got enough to spin those pedals faster than usual?"

Legs: "hmm. Maybe."

(Brain does some thinking. Other riders seem not to hear the audible creaking and grinding.)

Brain to self: "Lessee.... spin fast to make up for reduced power. Rest when possible. Don't let gaps open, so as to avoid having to close them. Stay on top of the gears. Take pulls to stay in the mix, but make them short. Hit the hills first and slide back. Rest on the downhill. Those guys are bigger. Stay in their draft and you won't hardly have to pedal."

Brain to crew: "Ok, guys. We've been given an opportunity to practice what it takes to ride hard when the muscles are fatigued, something that will most surely happen in these upcoming stage races. The bad news is that unlike the stage races, there will be fresh legs tonight and most Wednesdays, but don't worry about it. Just imagine they're those extra strong racers. So,
when I call for power, legs you're gonna spin as fast as you can. If you need more force, get that big butt out of the saddle and shove down on those pedals. Lungs and other systems, do your thing."

All: "Roger that."

I'm pleased to say it worked. I didn't get spit out the back despite being on the fine edge of 'ow' for quite a bit of the time. It's pretty frustrating tho, to have all the air you can stand and no legs. :)

Monday, April 06, 2009

Hillsboro-Roubaix 2009 & the Nature Valley Grand Prix Pro Ride

I'd be hard pressed to do as good a job writing up this race as Kristen Wentworth. She's nailed it. I didn't know about the vehicle interference at the conclusion. That's too bad. This is a good course and could be a great race with some modifications and extra support.

This year was my second go and I was bitterly disappointed to get the flat. Last year I had chased for nearly an entire lap before catching the break only to be too blown to finish well. This year, I had conserved and was so ready to power up that final climb and give the women a real run for their money I could hardly wait.

When I felt my tire begin to go soft, I tried denial at first.... Oh, surely it's just the road, you know, like soft tar. Ha! Too cold for that and I wouldn't ride in it anyway. Sigh. When Rebecca Much (Webcor) said, "You gotta flat," I knew I had to accept the reality. I waved my hand to let the wheel man know I needed him NOW. Seemed like the change took forever and I knew the chances of regaining my group were slim to none, though I gave it my best effort. The head wind sections were simply too much to overcome in the amount of race left. Read Kristen's account...

The good news, however, is that I did secure the Nature Valley spot. The other women said I was the only one in the break that had signed up for it, but I wasn't ready to believe it until the official word. The flat was such a disappointment that I didn't want to get my hopes up.

The NVGP Pro Ride is a wonderful opportunity to give one the the most prestigious races in the United States a go along with some of the best amateur riders in the nation. Rest assured, I'll be doing my very best to represent.

:) Read more about the Pro Ride.

Friday, April 03, 2009

Happy Birthday, Pop!

Man, have you mellowed out....

More hours in the day, please

Instead of...
I ride...

Oh, how I wish there were time for both.

The good news....
at full speed, you know you are precariously alive.