Thursday, March 19, 2009

Why don't you call your mommy?

OK, I will.

A couple of miles south of Eagle last night, my left leg said even L1 was too much to ask and I phoned for a pick up. Thankfully, my dear mother was able and willing to work me into her schedule and I was so relieved to see her roar over the hill behind the wheel of 'Old Yeller' . What was a little funny about the whole thing was I nearly missed the WNW because my son called his mommy - an act of last resort. I was not as sweet as my maternal example, but did solve his problem. Perhaps the leg stopping pain was my comeuppance.

In any case, had an hour's massage over lunch with Becky, who's area of specialty is sports massage and as a trainer -- talk about hitting the jackpot. She worked the left side over and I am now walking freely and plan to ride this weekend, maybe not hard and I'm definitely not racing Sioux City, but I think I'll be on a bike. She also showed me some things to help me heal and prevent further injury. It's been a good day. Hurrah!


Nancy Brown said...

I wish she would call me!!! She looks like she needs a big hug and dry towel.

Neve_r_est said...

Instantaneous karmic retribution.

Cramping or just overworked?


Chris said...

Everyone gets two free rides home a year. I haven't had to burn one yet in 2009, but used them all up in 2008.

oldmanandhisbike said...

Can I call your mom too?
If anyone needs a broom wagon ride, it's me! :^)