Sunday, March 15, 2009

Jordan doesn't do a very good strip tease

Adams loop today. And what a ride it was. I had to chase for 45 minutes In a gentle rain to catch up to these guys after getting a flat on the way to The Bench. 4 us were enough to keep the dogs at
bay. I took a corner to hot, hit some gravel and wiped out. 20 min later, blew a hole through the sidewall. Marc gave me a gu packet and that kept the tube in so i could ride home. Ah. Bike is clean.
Belly is full. Vitimin I is helping the hip. Watching paris-nice on cycling tv and sippin a coke. Hope you had a good ride today.


Neve_r_est said...

100miles on the road bike for me, and only ten miles of that was gravel! Almost felt....what's the word....warm?


Irish Husker Girl said...

But don't his thighs look great?!?

Chris said...

Sounds like a good workout despite the crash. Is the weather getting better up there?

sydney said...

IHG, you know, I did have to comment on his quads. Mighty fine. We all thought so. :D

Chris, the weather is fantastic. 77 today! We're going to get spoiled.

Neve_r_est, you're a crazy man. You racing any road this year?

Neve_r_est said...

Only ultra.