Monday, March 23, 2009

I will have decent bread every day - eventually.

Since my favorite bread now costs more than $5 a loaf, I've decided that once again, I must learn to meet my own gastronomic needs and I've no doubt of eventual success thanks to all those generous enough to share their knowledge online and in person.

I'm working my way through these lessons from and here's a video of what I'm aiming at initially - a basic loaf a bread good for sandwiches and toast (see the video below).  But, I've also got some sourdough starter on the counter. If it works according to the directions, it should be adequately developed by Friday to try a sourdough loaf, which is a favorite of mine and the boys.  Plus, sourdoughs rise overnight in the fridge, that's how their flavor develops, so it would fit my lifestyle more easily. Whip up dough in the evening - fresh baked bread for breakfast. Worth getting up for, no?  :)

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Nancy Brown said...

This is how I form my loaves also, however I put cooking oil down on the counter top instead of flour when working with WW. I do not think I could throw water into the bottom of my oven. I would really have to clean it first!