Friday, March 06, 2009

HURRAH! Dark mornings and group rides!

Don't forget to spring forward Sunday! Yippee!!! I used to hate the spring switch because as a morning person I sure enjoyed more light at the front end of the day, but now that I spend a lot of time on the bike, I'm thrilled to have more at the end of the day. The time change also marks the start of the the many group rides around here. I hope you'll brave the sketchy spring weather and join a few. If you'd like to join me, I'm initiating a Monday Chit-Chat ride. We'll roll out at 5:45 pm from Joyride Bicycles at 14th & Old Cheney. Here are the parameters:
  • Temperature at 5:45 PM is forecast to be at least 45 degrees. As the sun drops, the temp falls pretty quick and we won't be riding hard, so we'll keep it warm.
  • If it's raining, or chances of rain are better than 50%, the ride may be off. Use your best judgment. The ride status will be sent to the twitter feed by 4:30.
  • If you're new to cycling, definitely come join. There's quite a bit that you need to know to ride in a group and keep it safe and fun for all. You can learn and practice it on Monday nights.
  • This is a chit-chat ride, which means we're not going to try and blow each other out the back. Take that to the racer ride on Wednesday nights. We're going to roll at a pace everybody can keep, and although some may work a little harder than others, the focus is good company and skills practice. If you're an experienced rider, join us for your recovery ride. Work on your spin and share your experience.
  • To know the latest ride or what's happening with Joyride Bicycles, follow "JoyrideBicycles" on Twitter with your web browser or phone.
  • The ride rolls at 5:45 and will be around 2 hrs. Of course, you can return at any time, or just ride part way, whatever. It's not that organized. It's just a little organized. :)
  • Bring a spare tube for your bike. Never, ever forget that. You should also have a tire lever and a way to inflate your tube.
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