Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Guess who got a brand spankin' new POWERTAP SL???

That's right.... MY MOMMA!

Saris ran a "Power to the People" contest and mom submitted her essay and won herself a 'tap. She bought a wheel and will soon be watchin' those watts. She posts to her Saris blog 2x a month, so be sure to stop by and read about her progress. SUPER COOL!

Oh, and she got it delivered today.


Marc said...

Now the accuracy and efficiency of training will go up. I wonder how many 65 yr old bike racing lady contenders own a tap?

It's not just for athletes but for exercisers. People out to get a workout and gain strength. You can even watch your Calorie expenditure. Then with some helpful tools, like training peaks, you can track all your progress.

This can be such a useful tool for the older generation where strength losses increase as we get older. Heart rate training is limiting. Power is actual numbers to see your increases. Like adding weights on at the gym.

Heart rate is out the back door. Welcome power with arms wide open.

Chris said...

Good for her!

Nancy Brown said...

Thanks, Marc, for taking a couple of years off my age!!! Love it! Thanks to you also for all your encouragement and excellent training abilities!!