Monday, March 16, 2009

ChitChat Ride leaves 5:45p

Come join me for an easily paced ChitChat ride. Leaves Joyride Bicycles (14th & Old Cheney) at 5:45 Monday evenings. Easy pace, great for beginners and those of us recovering from the weekend's hard miles.

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Marc said...

This is absolutely positively a great beginners ride. If you want to excel at cycling and have an enjoyeable experience show up to this ride.

Your learning curve can be steep with all the new lingo and equipment.Us old timers like myself, 27 yrs of cycling experience, can guide you along your way to proper shifting according to the terrain to help you ride further and more effieciently. We are a wealth of info when it comes to pedaling technique and equipmment.

Beginner group riding is a super way to stay motivated. Also, joining a club is a great way to stay connected with more experienced and like minded people. For example,Joy Ride bicycles will be forming a club in the near future.