Thursday, March 05, 2009

Busy busy busy

Happy Birthday!

First and foremost.... Happy Birthday, Cupcake. My first born has made it to, what did he say? "Official Adulthood in Nebraska." For non-natives, that's 19. And yes, "Cupcake" he has been since about the age of 3 and half when I decided a little boy might not appreciate the moniker and opted for "Nick" instead. Holy cow. You would have thought I stole his toys. I was soundly set straight as a hand on hip, furious preschooler hollered, "My name's not "Nick," it's "Cupcake!" Well, ok then. Who am I to argue?

In other news the Mercy girls will soon be sporting this fine new kit.

Belated Congrats to my teamies....

The women of Mercy Cycling rocked it at Froze Toes for 1st, 2nd and 4th place finishes. Way to go Michelle, Jen and Pam. You all made my day.

Michelle won with a solo breakaway and Jen took 2nd, winning the field sprint despite a hard charging Carrie Cash.

While they were laying down the hurt in the cold, I opted for the much warmer Texas weather

Big thanks to Chris for the pic and a place for the boys and I to rest our weary es (all that driving, you know). I came home with 3rd and 7th place finishes, but more importantly, was on target numbers despite having been training indoors since CX Natz. Nothing like following the plan to pull up to the start line with some confidence.


Neve_r_est said...

Cupcake? Man, that would make an awsome tattoo, lol!

Nice work Syd.


Chris said...

Happy Birthday to Nick.

Great job to the Mercy ladies. I like the new kit.

sydney said...

That would be a good tattoo. In fact, I might even allow one like that. :D