Wednesday, February 11, 2009

No wonder people do these ----- $$$ Hy-Vee Triathlon $$$

Holy cow. No wonder tri's get so much attention. Look at the payout on this sucker. Oh, and check this... equal payout for men and women.


sorel top said...

Equal pay for equal work. What a concept.

ConservativeMom said...

Also keep in mind that this has quickly become one of the nation's premere Tri events.

Large corp. sponsorship and an Olympic qualifier event make it possible for the large payout. As a result, it also attracts the TOP pros to the event. Most tri's don't have that kinda payout.

Still - you should try one out sometime, they are a blast! More spectators, more competitors and just a big ole fun time!

Mike (blogging on my wife's account)

Marc said...

O My I would hate to finish 2nd. That's quite a let down "drop in prize money" from 1st.

That doesn't seem like fun. With that much money there's a lot of suffering going on to try and win. I guess that's why support is so crucial to being a top level athlete.

I know I can bike fast. I know I used to run forever and was really darn quick. I know I can't swim very well (wet suits help). Let's see, 2 out of 3 isn't bad odds to work on.

Webbies said...

$150 to get in and the thing fills up with age group people.

sydney said...

I like the equality concept, but can barely figure out how to train enough to race my bike well. Don't know how I'd work in the others and I'm not sure my feet and knees would care much for it. It would be something to finish one of those and I can appreciate the time and effort it must take to do so.