Thursday, February 19, 2009

Madone WSD 6.5

Madone WSD 6.5
Originally uploaded by sydney_b.
I really like this bike but am looking forward to see how the Specialized Ruby SL stacks up against it.


bryan said...

new bike on the way, then?

paxtoncoyote said...

My wife rode 78 miles on a Specialized Ruby S-Works 2 summers ago on RAGBRAI & was just sick when she had to give it back for her GIANT. She said it was effortless to ride & helped her hang & chat with Lance for 10 miles!

If it weren't for the $7500 price tag she would have one, unfortunately the $3200 model is out of reach too, so she continues to crank out the miles on her trusty GIANT & the old Centurion fixie that MWC built up for her.

Anonymous said...

Oh my Cherry, say goodbye to this bike. It may look good but you're moving on to bigger and better wheels!! Love, Zip