Friday, February 20, 2009

30 Days of Food: Carb load for morning workout

I've been focusing on nutrition lately and as my training load continues to climb, I have to be particulary attentive because 4 out of 7 days a week, my day starts at 4:45 am and my workout begins between 6:30 and 7 am.

What do you eat in anticipation of an ~2 hr 1800 kj (cal) workout?  You need to know, because if you come off your nightly fast and aren't ready, you're not going to be able to put in the kind of effort you'd like. I know this from experience. A sports nutrition primer Marc sent me helped me figure out what I needed when. The next step is to get more precise on that 60-80/hr and see what works. Today was a good day, no belly ache and adequate energy supply for the workout, but by the time the heavy work started, I was just sipping Gatorade.

Target:  3 hrs before, ~178 carbs; 2 hrs before ~100 carbs, 1 hr before another 70 carbs, 60-80 carbs/hr thereafter. Since I don't have 3 hrs before, I start loading at the 2 hr mark for the mornings.

Chocolate Chip Clif Bar (42 carb)
Vanilla soymilk, 3 T honey & banana - blended (90 carb) (total 132)
20oz Gatorade Frost (32 C)
Hammer Gel (23 C)
Hammer Gel (23)
20 oz Gatorade Frost (32 C)
20 oz Gatorade Frost (32 C)
22 oz water
Recovery drink (15 oz vanilla soymilk, 4 T honey, 1 scoop whey protein, 5 oz water to thin it to a drinkable level), this is drank immediately after cooling down in order to hit an optimal 30 min window. It's then followed by breakfast about 60 min later.

All things considered, this worked pretty well. I did a solid job on the workout and while I do feel like a did a hard one, I don't feel completely wiped out.The most important thing today, was I DID NOT get a tummy ache. That's been an ongoing problem for me during hard efforts.

It's going to take practice to get that 60-80/hr down, but when you combine nutrition management with your workout, you don't have any time to get bored or not pay attention -- inside or out.


bryan said...

Folks -- that's focus right there. My methods are ... ahem ... less scientific.

I eat a granola bar when I get up. Then I get on the bike. Afterward, I eat breakfast.

That is all.

On weekends, when I likely will be riding after lunch, I focus on loading much like Sydney describes. Same for races. But during the week, when time is short ... well, sometimes I eat that granola bar on the bike.

Aaron Pool said...

You might do better not to eat within 3 hours before your race,

ProPam said...

Good post. The importance of nutrition for optimal training and recovery is often overlooked.

Just so y'all know, muscle glycogen is not decreased with fasting. Muscle cells do not respond to glucagon, the hormone that's released to increase blood glucose.