Thursday, January 15, 2009

Thx Dan

Thx Dan
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I love my Gaggia, especially at 5am. Big thx to Dan and The Mill crew for keeping it running and hooking me up with most delicious coffee.


bryan said...

which model do you have? I've been thinking about an espresso machine for a long time now.

Better use of funds than Optimus Prime?

sydney said...

For sure, bryan, if you're a coffee hound. Mine is the Gaggia Classic.

It's a little pricey, but if you love an espresso or coffee shop perfect cappuccino on a daily basis, your per use cost will go down rapidly. Mine has been rock solid for years and it sees heavy action. About 1x/year I get some maintenance on it which is under $30. This includes looking at the boiler and making sure everything is cleared out.

A prefect cappuccino at 5am puts me in a good frame of mind for taking on those intervals. But, maybe a look at Optimus Prime would do the same. At least for you. ;)

bryan said...

hmmm. worth checking out, I'd say. I tend to like caffeine after the workout, mostly because that means I get to sleep a few minutes later.

Mark my words: Optimus Prime will be mine before this winter/spring is out.