Friday, January 23, 2009

Let's cook, you know, for cyclists.

I know, I need better background for video, but this is quick and dirty, no production time.

OK, if you read this at work and don't do audio.... here's the gist:

Think about your favorite healthy recipes. Pick one or two, describe the best times to have them, write up the recipe and take some pix. At the very least, take a pic of yourself. Because I'm going to make all of them and will take pix of my efforts.


don said...

as i was walking out of the hospital Friday a guy asked me if i wanted to buy some king crab. How can you turn that down? Especially when it is still moving, i couldn't resist. I already bought some homemade kim chi so it turned out to be an awesome Friday and i haven't even got to soccer yet.

the recipe as i know it, is to get a big pot and boil water and beer together, then put the crab in and boil until it turns bright orange, then get copious amounts of butter and tiger sauce to dip it in, and along with some ipa or good stout beers to wash it down and to get some carbo loading along with the protein and you have the perfect biker food. add the kim chi for a little extra gas and you have it made

By the way , i talked a guy into riding his fatbike today. Not much speed but it floats over the tundra and is a great workout. I know if i lived here permanently i would have one. way cool.
have a great weekend

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you're a link to the lower 48 for me, i hope this works, it's simple and good.

oldmanandhisbike said...

I don't have the Clif bar recipe but during the season, that is my cycling food.
Actually, one of my favorites right is very simple. Pesto pasta with chicken. Add in mushrooms, pine nuts and/or dried fruit with the penne or fusilli (?) for a mix of flavors. I do not have the recipe in front of me, but I will pass it along when I find it. Don't skip on the pasta; buy fresh if possible. And serve it al dente (firm) to savor the flavor!