Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Earl Blumenauer, a Bicycle Evangelist With the Wind Now at His Back - Biography -

The New York Times has some wonderful articles in health and fitness. It's well worth trading a little personal info to register and read the full articles

“We have been flogging this bicycle thing for 20 years,” said Mr. Blumenauer, a Democrat. “All of a sudden it’s hot.” Read the article.

Image by Stirling Elmendorf


bluecolnago said...

can you imagine a paved bicycle trail that parallels I-80 from coast to coast? new road construction that requires bike paths being built alongside? heaven!

Cornbread said...

Nice! I like the way that man thinks. Thanks to Earl, I may get a $20 bonus to my paycheck for commuting to work. He's a True American Hero.

mycyclingtraining said...

Earl, I salute you for thinking such Cornbread is true, you are a True American hero. Keep it up!